OSHAS 18001:2007/ANSI-AIHA Z10/ISO45001/SHARP – Occupational Health & Safety

Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems—Requirements

Certificate of conformity to OHSAS 18001:2007

OHSAS 18001 (officially BS OHSAS 18001) is an internationally applied British Standard for occupational health and safety management systems. It exists to help all kinds of organizations put in place demonstrably sound occupational health and safety performance. It is a widely recognized and popular occupational health and safety management system

The OHSAS 18001 specification was updated in July 2007. Among other changes, the new specification was more closely aligned with the structures of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 so that organizations could more easily adopt OHSAS 18001 alongside existing management systems. Additionally, the “health” component of “health and safety” was
given greater emphasis.

Later, the BSI Group decided to adopt OHSAS 18001 as a British standard. BSI Group subsequently adopted the updated 18002 guidance specification for publication as BS OHSAS 18002 in 2008.

BS OHSAS 18001 specifies requirements for an OH&S management system to help an organization develop and implement a policy and objectives, which take into account legal requirements and information about OH&S risks. It applies to all types and sizes of organizations and accommodates diverse geographical, cultural and social conditions.

BS OHSAS 18002 provides guidance for establishing, implementing or improving a management system which is based on OHSAS 18001 and demonstrating successful implementation of OHSAS 18001.


National Standard for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

U.S. recommended (OSHA approved) standard for the design and development of Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems with participation in the SHARP (Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program).

SHARP is a voluntary program available to companies in all 50 states with under 200 employees. Companies with more than 200 employees may qualify for the OSHA VPP (Voluntary Protection Program) which is essentially the same thing.

Although these are uncertificated programs the benefit is great. First and foremost, OSHA services are free of charge. These include a gap analysis (without penalty for violations,) document templates and on-site training. The big pay-off is, once in the program, you are protected against Federal OSHA visits.

The unfortunate reality is, although these programs ‘pay for themselves many times over,’ most business owners either don’t know about them or afraid to ‘invite’ OSHA in to their facilities. As of January 1, 2016 only 12 companies in Rhode Island have achieved the award. The Kilpatrick Group was instrumental in securing participation for 25%.

ISO 45001

ISO 45001 is an as yet unpublished Occupational Health and Safety Management Standard, set to replace OHSAS  18001.

ISO/DIS Published January 2016, earlier than expected, with ballot due May 2016. Read the DIS and comment http://www.iso45001assessment.com/registration.html Also see for discussions by EHS Practioners Linkedin Group https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8319963

It is hoped that ISO 45001 will attain more international recognition, aiding the response to published statistics showing poor health and safety management costs around 4% of global GDP. Similar to existing standards like OHSAS 18001, which will be withdrawn, and ILO-OSH, the new international standard’s impact has the potential to save lives, reduce work related ill-health and accidents and improve employee morale.

ISO 45001 is expected to be published in October 2016.