Who Am I and What Do I Do?

This is my maiden voyage into the blogosphere so I suppose I should start at the beginning. My name is Tom Kilpatrick and I’m a consultant. I’m not new to the game, I actually got my dance card punched back in 1998 when I signed on as a Consultant / Trainer / Presenter for a major North American Registrar (and Consulting Firm – without naming names, you, in the know, know who it is) but I will leave nameless so as not to suggest any present affiliation, because there is none. Yes, I’m also a Grammar Nazi (it’s a tech writer thing – if you notice any typos, please let me know.) If you find any, I’ll have Christopher send you a unicorn pony – Thank you my friend, I know now why I’ve been following you all these years! Anyway, my wife saw an ad in the Boston Globe, and said, “Honey, this sounds perfect for you…” I had recently graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a Master’s of Adult Education and was re-entering the workforce. I was trying to start a new life – leaving my old ‘Tom Shirt’ behind. Yes, I wore a TOM shirt, I always joked that management didn’t want us to forget our name, or maybe it was because they always did, in any event, the white shirt (with epilates, no less) and blue Dickies were left behind for a suit and tie.

I was supposed to be the New England guy but it quickly became evident that the company owned my sorry ass and basically did what they wanted. In addition to consulting, documenting and auditing of systems, (I don’t know if hundreds is the right word, but it sure seems like it) I was training many more internal auditors. I tried the Lead Auditor thing but that was more work than it was worth so I stuck with Internal Auditing. And yes, there were a lot of classes, usually in Burlington MA and Cherry Hill NJ. Caveat, Cherry Hill is just to the East of Philly (so is Nifty Fifty diner, but that’s another story) and in those days (I don’t know about today) Franklin Mills was just off 95 to the North. Mrs. K would drop me off at where-ever I was supposed to be and go shopping. Of course the same is true for the Baltimore Area (Arundel Mills,) Portsmouth, NH (Kittery, ME Outlets,) etc., anywhere you get the idea. Every time I would be greeted by, “Honey, you’ll never guess how much money I saved!” One Friday, I finished up a gig in NJ and was greeted with a car-full (and I had to move stuff to make a place to sit) and it was an SUV, yes, “Honey…” but hallelujah, Christmas shopping was done in August and I didn’t have to do the ‘man thing.’ 🙂

Anyway, we’re getting side tracked… My mission is to bring truth, justice and the American Way? Err, that sounds as if it’s been done before… My mission is to provide my clients with the most up to date information on the Standard of their choice and to lend guidance on Continual Improvement initiatives as we go along.

Now here’s the kicker – What you want to know is what I know so check back every week for your ISO fix and you be glad you did!

Next time we’ll start to explore all the myths and legends of ISO9001:2015. And, yes RBT (risk-based thinking) has been around since 2000 and I will prove it.

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